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College Application Consulting Services


Standing out among thousands upon thousands of applicants with similar credentials is difficult and requires meticulous work, patience and time commitment. I am ready to help you with my expertise and specialized services for smartly marketing each student's uniqueness as a person.


  • Premier customized private support and coaching for brainstorming topics and developing an essay


  • Time management for meeting application deadlines


  • 24 hour turn-around time for feedback with straightforward and detailed critiquing of written materials


  • Expert and creative editing to ensure that essays are unique, revealing, well organized, grammatically perfect and most importantly, in the student's own voice


  • Dynamic crafting of an activities resume to highlight accomplishments, recognitions and leadership


  • Interview coaching and skills development




I charge by the hour and keep you advised of the time spent as per your requirements. My fees are very competitive with top tier college admissions consultants, reputable private tutors and personal editors. For details, please contact me for a free 15-minute phone consultation.



Top 5 Advantages for My College Essay and Editing Services


1) Individual and dedicated attention provided to both students and their parents


2) Customized services and straightforward hourly rate with periodic time status updates


3) Mastery in editing and extensive specialized experience in college essay coaching


4) Flexible availability and no appointment necessary for ongoing rounds of drafting, feedback and editing


5) Strong referral network and solid track record of clients being accepted to their top colleges of choice



Attention College Bound Students!


The college admissions process is notorious for frustrated hopes and unexpected disappointments. Each year top colleges have been reporting increases in applications and more rejections than ever before. The reason is that there is a bulge in the number of college age students, both domestic and overseas, comprising a huge applicant pool of the best scholars with the best test scores.


In addition, there is an inflated number of competing applicants because students apply to 8-10 colleges on average in an effort to hedge their bets for acceptance. What were considered traditional "safety" schools for many accomplished students are now receiving record numbers of applications. This in turn bumps up the competitive rankings as even more students are rejected from placement in limited available seats.


So what can you do about this? Well, for one thing this is no time to stand there frozen in fear like a deer in headlights. Put the discouraging statistics out of your mind. Instead, accept the challenge. Focus on the positive, be realistic in your selections, and get noticed by writing the personal essay of your lifetime! Ensure that your application includes a self-marketing masterpiece. A powerful essay could be the one part of the application that gets you noticed and as a result, gets you in.



Top 10 Things to Ask Yourself Regarding Your College Essay


 1)  Does it answer the question?

 2)  Does it give added insight about you that is not evident elsewhere in your application?

 3)  Does it have an engaging introduction and a powerful conclusion?

 4)  Does it contain specific examples to support your theme?

 5)  Is it logical, cohesive and grammatically correct?

 6)  Does it avoid controversial topics?

 7)  Have you read it again after letting it "rest" for a few days?

 8)  Have you checked for correct spelling, transitional phrases and syntactic variety?

 9)  Is it within limits for number of words or characters?

10) Did you have an experienced college admissions professional review it?






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