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MY MISSION is to  help students stand out  in the fiercely competitive college admissions process and thereby increase their chances of acceptance at their colleges of choice. As an application essay specialist, I "showcase" a student's unique personality, insights, character, talents and accomplishments through premier customized coaching, expert essay development and editing advice, and smart marketing.



  • Preserving the integrity of the student's own work and ideas

  • Respecting client confidentiality and autonomy

  • Demonstrating high standards of excellence, honesty, and dedication throughout the application process


MY COMMITMENT is to get to know the student as a person--including accomplishments, likes and dislikes, talents, experiences, and aspirations. This helps me become familiar with the student's distinctive selling points and effectively manage the essay writing process to help the student stand out among his or her competition. While I cannot guarantee admission to any particular college, I do guarantee that my students will maximize their self-marketing by writing compelling essays.



I protect the privacy and confidentiality of my clients. All personal information about my clients and their families is held in strict confidence. I do not share or sell personal or proprietary information to other individuals or companies and will never disclose client names or contact information unless explicitly requested or authorized to do so in writing.


TOP THREE REASONS why students need specialized help for the college essay:


1) Unprecedented college application volume and rejection statistics are staggering. So students must differentiate themselves from the competition.


2) Colleges seek students who show they are dynamic and unique and thus likely to enhance the social and learning experience of their peers. So students need a creative expert to market themselves successfully.


3) The essay is the window for viewing the student as a person. So an essay must be revealing, well organized and grammatically perfect.

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