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The college application process can require very specific needs, so we make an effort to work with specialist associates to offer more tailored support.

Instrumentalists and Vocalists

Instrumentalists and vocalists have an additional step in the complex college admissions process.  Music students must audition for each college or conservatory either on campus, at a satellite approved by the institution, or via video recording.  Each college or conservatory has its own requirements.  Therefore, it is very important for students to carefully select the repertoire they prepare for auditions.  By choosing wisely, students can fulfill the requirements for many auditions by preparing a realistic amount of music literature.


Rita Zirpolo Padden, M.A., M.S.


  • Director of Fine and Performing Arts K-12 for 20+ years

  • Advisor/coach for undergraduate and graduate music admissions

  • Workshop Facilitator for:

    • College Essay writing

    • Interviewing Skills        

    • Supervision skills

    • Time Management

  • College Adjunct; Field Supervisor/Mentor-student teachers

  • Coach for students and parents for college search

  • Employment consultant for recent college graduates



Contact Info:

rpadden42 [at]

Tel: +1.516.672.4488


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