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Nancy Brennan, M.B.A., M.A.

College Application Coach and Editor

Announcement!: I recently published a new novel which can be found under My Publications.




Are you an undergraduate or graduate school applicant looking for distinctively creative "showcasing" of your personality, insights, character, talents, and achievements?  Well, if you are serious about giving yourself an edge in this fiercely competitive college admissions environment, you have landed in the right place.


According to Admissions Officers at leading schools, the college application essay does matter. In fact it matters a lot.


The response given to a specific prompt is the admissions committee's window for viewing you as a unique person and how you may fit in with the campus community.  


The essay is your self-marketing opportunity


In close calls or in cases of comparatively moderate achievers a compelling essay can make the difference between getting into the school of choice or being tossed into the reject pile. On the other hand, a student with stellar academic achievements and test scores who submits a terrible essay could be passed over.


No doubt you have heard that given the many applications students are submitting, the need to write many different essays is fraught with dread and frenzy. But it does not have to be this way, especially if you give yourself plenty of time and have my premier coaching and inspirational support to help weather the writing storm.



Especially for music students:

            Introducing Rita Zirpolo Padden, M.A., M.S. 

Are you an instrumentalist or vocalist who is passionate about pursuing undergraduate or graduate studies in music? If so, you can get help with the rigorous process of seeking admission to college music programs or conservatories.  Read More .

I am ready to help you stand out

among your competition.


  • 30+ years of professional accomplishments, including writing, editing, coaching, as well as being a trusted and resourceful advisor and thought partner to clients, colleagues and business managers


  • Positive admissions results for top colleges of choice 


  • Mentor, facilitator, sounding board and advocate for students and their parents


  • Distinctively creative, caring and dedicated


  • Strong referral network and solid track record of repeat client and sibling business



Nuturing and Customized Coaching

Expert Topic Brainstorming 

Distinguished Editing

Smart "Stand Out" Marketing

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Parents of College Bound Seniors!


You play a critical role in one of the biggest challenges and milestones of your son's or daughter's life--the infamous and daunting college admissions process.


It is up to you to make sure that your rising senior stands out among the thousands of other applicants with similar accomplishments and test scores.


There is no better investment in your son's or daughter's future than by securing the right advice and support for gaining admission to his or her college of choice.




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